PUBLIC SPEAKING SPIRIT- from talk to masterclass

Workshop on how to present,speak and reach out to the hearts of listeners.

THE POWER OF PRESENTATION – the spirit of the message


This program is the result of my successes when working with small groups as well as an individual program or public appearances above 1000 people.

I have also learned a lot from other prominent speakers, world authorities in speech like Brian Tracy, Robert Cialdini, Marshall Goldsmith, Jim Cathcart. I also belonged to the Toastmaster association for two years, which teaches how to speak.

We prepare for each presentation differently when the time of occurrence is at stake. The rule is that the shorter the occurrence (eg 1-10 minutes) the more difficult and requires longer preparations.

Not only the ability to speak but also the ability to write a good speech scenario, that is the structure of the presentation, is important.

What can you learn from me?

You will get answers to:



  1. How to prepare a public speaking speech?

You will learn to write a short, distinct, distinctive, distinctive structure of your presentation.

I call it the SPIRIT of speech, presentation.

Something that is expressive is better remembered emotionally by the listeners.

In addition, you will learn to write a single sentence or key word that will positively affect the reception of your presentation.

I am a philologist and I know how important is not only what we say but HOW we speak (tone of voice, intonation, words, art of rhetoric)


  1. How to overcome stress before public speaking?

You will learn ways to stress before and during public speaking


  1. How to use your natural personality resources?

If you are not too energetic by nature, you should not pretend to be energetic. Focus on what is your most important asset when you are on stage.


  1. How to properly use the place from which you speak?

I will show you how to stand, how to walk, and when and how to use your voice.


  1. How to maintain positive contact with the audience?


My favorite quotes regarding public appearances:

The best way to master stage fright is to become aware of what you are talking about.

– Michael H. Mescon

The speaker should construct a speech to exhaust the topic, but not exhaust the listeners.

– Winston Churchill

The proper speaker of folk gatherings is passion

– Antoine Rivarol