Brian Tracy

World-renowned motivational speaker, author, consultant

“Thank you very much for everything you did to make my seminars and workshop, plus recording, very successful in Poland.
You are a very talented man, and I look forward to working with you again soon.”

Marshall Goldsmith

World-renowned executive coach, author.
Thinkers50 two-time winner as the World’s Most Influential Leadership Thinker.

“I’ve had the opportunity to participate in seminars organized in Poland by Miroslaw Kloczko. From my experience, Miroslaw is an exceptional business trainer and inspirational speaker, who focuses on strong relationships and results for his clients. Not only is Miroslaw a true entrepreneur, he is a dedicated professional, a warm and gracious host, and he possesses a wonderful sense of humor!”

Jim Cathcart

CSP, CPAE, Hall of Fame Speaker, Author, USA

“I have known and worked with Miroslaw for many years both in Poland and from the United States. I have found him to be a man of joy, good taste, integrity and happiness! He has a positive and cheerful spirit. He has touched thousands of lives in positive ways.”

In this letter of recommendation I would like to express my respect and appreciation for Mr. Mirosław Kłoczko.

I have known him since 1999. Mr. Mirosław is highly intelligent and has good analytical and communication skills. I have been consistently impressed by both Mirosław’s attitude towards his work and his performance on the job.

Based on his knowledge and experience, I would rank Mr. Mirosław Kłoczko as one of the best coach I have ever met.

I will be pleased to answer any additional questions you may have.

Matthias Wolny
Unternehmensinhaber TOP-GYM

I had an opportunity to join two days training session with Mr. Kłoczko. I must admit that it was very interesting, innovative and very creative for myself and the team I manage. I do recommend services and consultancy of Mr. Kłoczko to any sales, and marketing company which would like to improve business results by taking perspective of solutions form internal and external point of business.

Paweł Góral
Managing Director at Sun Chemical

… We strongly recommend Mr. Miroslaw Kłoczko and his training.  Its very original, joyous experience and effective for business.

Jacek Dudkiewicz
The President

We have seen the importance of teamwork and the importance of communication in the group. With a variety of teaching and huge competence coaching training will long remain in our memory. Comments after the training were  so enthusiastic  – yet such training, and we were not already passed several of them. The words of admiration was not the end !. Miroslaw Kłoczko Consulting Training Coaching is a professional training company providing services at the highest level!

Andrzej Szeroki
Sales Director

Noteworthy innovative approach to the subject of communication and cooperation and interesting personality of the trainer. Training surprising and stimulating reflection. Throughout our cooperation Kloczko Miroslaw demonstrated professionalism and high training competences. We recommend Miroslaw as a competent trainer and partner for cooperation.

Ronald Kulikowski
HR Director and the board management

Mirek, thank you very much for training and a few days spent with us. I believe that the analysis of the personality, and especially individual interviews, will long remain in the memory of all of us. The process carried out by you certainly enriched each of us and has improved our understanding of ourselves and our colleagues in the team. From now on we will always discuss the different styles and behaviors, value systems using the colors and not only- slogans understandable only among insiders … We will remain in touch and we look forward to future cooperation. We wish you many more successes! Red-Yellow-Green-Blues!

Beata Głowacz
HR Director

I’ve met Miroslaw during recruitment process. I’ve found him as a great analyst who is able to emphasis important personal traits. The way he does it is very creative. I believe it makes him brilliant and efficient personal development trainer.

Area Sales Manager at JX NIPPON ANCI S.A.S

I’ve known Mirosław for a number of years and can truly witness he’s a great speaker, a great business coach and a very skilled trainer. He’s also an honest and trustworthy man. He’s skills are supported with extensive experience he’s acquired in business. We’ve had many opportunities to work together where I could see his entrepreneurial skills put in practice setting up new ventures and getting projects to the successful and profitable end. I can recommend Mirosław as a professional business partner as well as a friend

Jerzy Łącki
B2B / Managing Director / Commercial Manager CEE

Training led professionally, spontaneously and surprisingly.
We were looking for answers to the questions that bothered us.
What are our customer relationships? How do our customers see us?
What really makes us successful?
Through practical exercises, not the lecture itself, we were forced to act and
move our head.
Training useful in understanding some processes and ways of reasoning.

Dr Katarzyna Szalczyńska-Naumowicz
Director – Infection Prevention Marketing & Hospital Sales