(A unique combination of coaching,consulting,training and mentoring )
Individual,strong and deep work under my supervision for 3-4 weeks


If you train your body and go to fitness clubs is why we can not train our spirit?

THE POWER OF THE SPIRIT  is like oxygen. Nobody feels apparently his needs, but immediately we feel it if you run out.

This training is helpful in the negotiations, the sale process, leadership, where the silence, listening skills, gives us inner peace tangible competitive advantage and forged a shared benefit.

Author’s method  SPIRIT POWER  is experiencing the same each other, getting to know and accept the state of mind we are in at the moment and learning to strengthen internal strength, which is in each of us.

Training can not be interrupted during his lifetime, as each of its element.

It is linked with each other and the way to achieve change and inner peace.


Individual  sessions THE POWER OF THE SPIRIT   will calm your thoughts and emotions and get you inner power .

It will give you peace of mind so you can take appropriate professional and personal decisions.

Will affect your effectiveness as you want.

Peace of mind can also let you discover the inner acceptance and joy in everyday life.

The references:


Sales manager in the automotive company

Yes, the system THE POWER OF THE SPIRIT  works excellent and I do  recommend it.

What prompted me to her?

I wanted to overcome the fear of public speaking, be more confident and have greater self-confidence.

I believed that I have the strength that allows me to work. I realized that if I want to, I can achieve what I assumed to tame the anxiety and fear  of  customer service and public speaking. This is not an easy program, alluring, that started in me the strength of my spirit, inner power and gave me a peace of mind either.

It is good to say that, well past the day that you have done a good job. I expected that the change will come immediately. I realized, however, that the solution comes with time and requires patience.

During this month I realized how much already accomplished, but also realized how much work ahead of me. I’m not afraid anymore what is going to happen and this is most important!


Personal  fitness trainer of Hollywood celebrities

Great experience !!! I like so rather savor this up and I’m doing well !!!

At the beginnnig I was very afraid of the name of this system THE POWER OF THE SPIRIT, but I have to admit that the exercises that I do and this whole process I love it !! Finally, I am kind to yourself and loved. I like that I smile to myself, I am a kind and caring just such a caller needed. It was for me a very cheerful time spent alone with him, warming my insides. I saw myself full of energy and tired, but what most important to me I could accept myself such !!! Mirek, thank you, my mentor.


Director General
Chemical industry

I’ve been thinking about our conversation for a long time, and actually what
struck you hit me, describing  my conversation with myself,  it was in 90
percent about work.
Many of the exercises you  suggested to use helped me. Very interesting
experience. Thank you.