Business relations


Workshop: Building Relationships

A good relationship is like a tasty cake, you have to eat it bit by bit, slowly and not all at once.

Mirosław Kłoczko

Built a positive relationship creates trust, which over time does not require any persuasion or influence on others.

During my workshop you will learn how to build relationships between employees, employees and superiors or customers. You will get an answer if an honest conversation is always enough and if it is necessary.


The workshop is about improving skills in building relationships with yourself, your employees or clients.

It is necessary to understand what VALUES each of us values, whether our brand (personal, product/service brand) brings such a value to others or the client that they are willing to pay for or appreciate.


1) What is a relationship?

Relationship from Latin means: a connection between people or social groups.

Relationships are a social skill that is still to be learned.

2.  Real and virtual relationships.

3. Building relationships with others and how they communicate.

4. How to build long-term, positive relationships with others.

Good Contact. Open Dialogue. Values  and Attitudes.  The right  questions and properly given feedback.

5. The impact of different human personalities on communication styles.

6.  The Emotional Intelligence- how to use emotions to build good relationships.

Showing what emotions are, how they affect us and how to manage and express them – interesting and educational board game for  participants.

7. Attitude. Own perception versus perception by others. Conscious improvement of behavior and attitude.

Strategies that help to care for and develop the quality of relationships:

– clear communication, positive thinking, approach to success or failure, closeness, individual approach, listening with understanding, asking questions, expressing feelings, proper attitude.

After the workshop you will learn:

(a) to ask the right questions at the right time in the right way and in the right order to improve the communication process

b) communicate more easily with others and communicate what is of positive value to all

c) reinforce and deepen…the fact that everyone wants to feel valued and…important.

d) create personal, positive and long-term strategies for building relationships with others