During this lecture you will learn 4 qualities of a good leader.
If they develop you will become the leader that others will want to listen, for which others will want to follow.
You’ll also learn what is the strength of peace of mind, how to implement and why is it necessary competence of  effective leader.
You will learn the importance of small differences between communication with others and communicating.
If you make me some exercise, you get an answer to the question of what you want to be known (stored) as the leader.


Interesting approach the spirit of the leader and its impact on our attitudes.
Strong spirit will make, we will also be strong leaders.
Inspiring lecture.

Jerzy Łącki
Commercial Director
HSH Chemie Sp. o.o.

For a long time I really appreciate lectures of Miroslaw and his  concept Spirit of peace.
In today’s “fast-paced” and often “dehumanized” the world, highlights the value of spirituality and the importance of our values.
They are always important in the relations man – man.
In conjunction with kindness, courtesy and peace, it gives very good results and always come back.
In this lecture he spoke about the leader who lives these values on a daily basis, experiencing them, believe in them and are deeply rooted.

Blazej Kuliński
Director of Planning and Logistics
Colgate -Palmolive Poland

I followed with great interest your session during John C. Maxwell event in Warsaw.

Alexandru Enache
International Dept Director
Gras Savoye Poland